In Egypt the aftermath of a bloody summer is still palpable. In the southern city of Minya, the blackened church spires contrast a group of demonstrators holding yellow balloons: Morsi supporters are demanding that their president rule once again.

The army enforces a strict curfew across the country. Whoever wants to go out after midnight has to find a way through the checkpoints. TV stations are talking about the US and about foreign media - "liars from the sty of the Muslim Brotherhood", the logo in the upper left corner clarifies what it's all about: "Egypt fights terrorism".

While the national paranoia is fueled by the media, Bieke Depoorter and Ruth Vandewalle are travelling through the country. In packed microbuses they travel from Minya to the oasis of Fayoum and beyond to the Nile Delta.

This is a follow-up project of Caïropolis.

Bieke Depoorter

Bieke Depoorter is a Belgian photographer.

Ruth Vandewalle

Ruth Vandewalle finished her master's degree Middle East Studies and Arabic in Cairo, where she is based since 2009. She started working as a news producer during the Arab Uprisings in 2011. Since then she has covered the news from all over the…
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TIME Lightbox (15 April 2014)