Catherine Vuylsteke (°1964) is a Belgian journalist.

Catherine is a writer, journalist, filmmaker and China-expert.


Catherine Vuylsteke

Supported projects

The art of becoming

  • Human Rights
  • Politics
  • Conflict
  • Youth
  • International
  • Equal opportunities

Stories in the media on Scott Manyo or the dutch boy Mauro brought the issue of unaccompanied minors to the attention of the general public. But the boys and girls that end up here all alone, are rarely more than figures in one or the other report.

Silent Stories

  • Equal opportunities
  • International

In Silent Stories Hanne Phlypo and Catherine Vuysteke follow two men and two women from Algeria, Senegal, Iraq and Guinea whose sexual orientation forced them to leave their country - wether they were bisexual, homosexual, lesbian or transsexual. Three of them are rebuilding their lives in Belgium, for the fourth, the Iraq transsexual Sarah, long years of waiting have finally resulted in political asylum and the prospect of a gender operation.