Daan Bauwens is a Belgian writer, journalist and documentary maker. 

He worked as a researcher for the Belgian public broadcaster VRT and as a radio producer. From 2015 to 2016 he lived in New York to do research at Columbia University. He mainly focuses on Sub-Saharan Africa, with a special interest for refugees, gender and mental health. 


Daan Bauwens
Sub-Sahara Afrika, Gender, Migratie, Mentale gezondheid

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UGANDA - In “Bewitched”, Daan Bauwens, Rien Bauwens and Yann Verbeke head to Uganda. A team of young Ugandan psychologists visits fishing villages on the shores of Lake Victoria. They are going to tell that there is such a thing as mental health and that it it can be helpful to talk about it. Because too often people with problems go to a witch.

Maputo's Material Girls

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In poverty-stricken Mozambique, young women are obliged to sell their bodies to wealthier or white men. A general wisdom with cliché status. But is such a simple analysis correct? What does international research say and what do the women themselves think about their sexual practices and social status?