Daan Stoop is a journalist and web editor at De Groene Amsterdammer.

His main interest is political issues with a European angle.


Daan Stoop
Politics, society, culture

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The Netherlands and Belgium not aligned in fight against drugs

  • Industry
  • Justice
  • Politics

The ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam are the main European gateway for cocaine. Publicly, the Netherlands and Belgium proclaim their united commitment to breaking the backbone of the drug trade. But behind the scenes, differences in political culture are at play, and resentment and gloom reign.

Arguing on the railroad

  • Armed conflict
  • Transport

LOW COUNTRIES - How the Netherlands and Belgium argue over the Iron Rhine

Is the Dutch Language Union going on the deep end?

  • Culture
  • Education

AMSTERDAM/BRUSSELS - The Dutch Language Union is unique in the world; nowhere else do two countries cooperate so closely in a policy area. They have been doing so since 1980, when the Netherlands and Belgium concluded the Language Union Treaty. In it they solemnly declared their joint commitment to spread the Dutch language throughout the world.