Dimple Chaudhary is a photographer, writer, motorcyclist, queer, living and working in India.

Dimple Chaudhary is a professional portrait and street photographer and a writer (in Hindi). Her camera and heart focus on faces full of stories. Her photographs have been exhibited in the Netherlands, Dubai, Australia and India. Her articles and poems (in Hindi) have been published in various newspapers, blogs and on social media platforms.

Dimple Chaudhary is an Indian, dedicated, hardworking portrait photographer who succeeds in quickly making contacts, breaking the ice, making intense portraits and recording stories. As a LGBTQI+ activist, she seizes every opportunity to address an audience with enthusiasm on stage. The outspoken tomboy has to deal with aggression every day, online and on the street, but she stands up for herself off and is firmly supported by family and friends. As a motorcyclist she travels as soon as she can, not avoiding any difficulty or circumstance.


Dimple Chaudhary
equal rights, emancipation, gender, LGBTQI+

Gesteunde projecten

#NoMeansNo in Bangladesh

  • Human Rights
  • Equality

DHAKA - The women in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka are fed up with it: they want to be able to go out on the streets without men bothering them. And so they organise their own transport through the impossibly chaotic, congested traffic: a motor-taxi with a woman at the wheel. Or they buy themselves a motorbike. First alone, as an exception, which provokes opposition and sometimes outright attacks. Now more and more numerous, they close ranks, form motorcycle clubs and lead demonstrations against violence against women.