Jan Antonissen (1964) is freelance journalist.

For more than 20 years he worked for the Belgian magazine HUMO and for the Belgian newspaper De Morgen. He's also involved in the production of TV-documentaries (e.g. Belga Sport, Boudewijn, SPUL) for which he collaborates with director Guillaume Graux.


Jan Antonissen

Gesteunde projecten

The Indecent

  • Equality
  • Human Rights

EUROPE - They are everywhere. They don't understand. They're good-for-nothings. They're a danger, a plague, a disgrace. In The Indecent, Jan Antonissen goes in search of the people who are being looked at with contempt : the frightened white men and women, the racist vote of the populists, the white trash from our suburbs.


  • Sport

The four-part series SPUL investigates what doping use does to an athlete. Instead of judging or condemning - which is usually the case - SPUL goes in search of what happens to people when they start doping.