Jan Locus is a Belgian photographer and filmmaker.

Jan Locus’s long-term projects study the complexity of worldwide, socio-political issues. Since 1997 Jan Locus has travelled regularly to Mongolia. After seventy years of socialism and the fall of communism, he observes how people attempt to build a new life for themselves. Without pathos, the photos in the book Mongolia (2005) show the difficult conditions in towns and mining industry, and the hard life in the vast steppes.Mongolia has received ‘The Plantin Moretus Award’ and was selected for ‘Photobook Belge’, a publication and exhibition by FOMU, Photo Museum Antwerp (2019). Often Locus’s work focuses — either directly or indirectly — on religion and problems that relate to it.


Jan Locus

Supported projects

The Distance Between Us

  • Culture
  • Equality

he Distance Between Us’ takes its starting point in some audio cassettes artist and photographer Jan Locus received from a Moroccan family in Molenbeek a few years ago. Probably going back to the early 1980s, the cassettes contain an oral correspondence between families in Brussels and Morocc

The past is a foreign country

  • Equality
  • Youth
  • Migration

BELGIUM - Eight underage asylum seekers were followed by Catherine Vuylsteke for one year. The Nadaar collective and three guest photographers each portrayed one of the youngsters.