Lize Van Dyck is a Belgian anthropologist.

Lize Van Dyck (33) is an anthropologist and works on a project basis for Doctors Without Borders. After working for four years at Fairtrade Belgium on sustainable food, in communication and marketing, she decided to do more fieldwork and write about it. From permaculture farm in the Spanish mountains, projects on sexual violence in DRC, to volunteering in refugee camps in Lesbos. She is currently making a documentary on the Greek island, together with photographer and director Dimitri Van Zeebroeck, and with the support of the Pascal Decroos Fund for Investigative Journalism.


Lize Van Dyck
migration, sustainability

Supported projects

En Route

LESBOS - Dimitri Van Zeebroeck and Lize Van Dyck join forces for a special film documentary about the migration crisis, more specifically in Lesbos, Greece. In the meantime, they write blog posts and articles for MO*, a Belgian magazine.