Tom Cochez is a Belgian journalist. Cochez has a degree in criminology. He worked for the Belgian quality paper De Morgen from 1997 to 2008, covering internal affairs the first three years and politics the next seven. Additionally, he reported on healthcare, social affairs and the environment and specialised in Flemish political parties Vlaams Belang and Groen. Since 2008, Cochez has been working as a freelancer, writing articles for De Morgen, Knack and Humo.

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The money of Flanders' right-wing party

  • Politics’s Tom Cochez spent two years investigating the remarkable relation between Vlaams Belang, its top people and money. Dozens of conversations with people who have been involved with the party since the early days, who were or still are in the heart of the party and who witnessed things with their own eyes, paint an alarming picture of the money machine behind Vlaams Belang and raise one question: why does the party systematically overpay friends in the printing business, sponsors’ companies or organisations of its own party members?