ANTWERPEN - Imagine that your grandmother was secretly a heroine. That there was a whole story behind her that she never told. That's what Sofie discovers when she cleans out her late grandmother's apartment.

She finds a newspaper finder, which opens the gateway to a wildly exciting past. To the war, to the resistance, to children in hiding. And to the alter ego of her grandmother whom she knew so well.

'During the War I was Solange' is a story about women and resistance, about mothers and children. And especially about mothers who saw no other way out than to give up their children. A story that hasn't been told for 80 years. Until now.

During the War I was Solange is a documentary by Sofie De Schampheleire and the Nieuwsblad Podcasts. Montage and music by Elisabeth Verstraete of House of Media. Final editing by Bert Heyvaert and Joni Keymolen. With the support of the Pascal Decroos Fund, the Authors, the Auschwitz Foundation and the Foundation of Judaism of Belgium. Special thanks to Foundation of Judaism of Belgium, asbl Heroes of the Resistance, Viviane De Muynck and Christine De Herdt.

Sofie De Schampheleire

Sofie De Schampheleire is a copywriter and podcast creator.
Sofie De Schampheleire - © Wim Kempenaers