HAVANA - The IPCC is clear: besides radically reducing emissions, the world must also prepare for the consequences of 1.5 degrees of warming of our atmosphere. How will we feed, shelter and protect ourselves in this heralded 'climate hell'?

To find out what that damage already looks like, Julie Steendam travelled around Cuba for eight months. Cuba, as one of the Small Island States, is on the front line of climate change. She saw sunken coastal villages, parched fields and silted water sources.

Yet this book is a story of hope, as Cuba is the only country with a 100-year plan to adapt to the impact of climate change. Cuban scientists are growing rice in saline soil, reforesting the coastline against erosion, and moving entire coastal communities inland. And they do so on a hugely small budget. Tarea Vida is called that government plan, translated briefly as Life Task. That name says it all.

Photo: ©Julie Steendam

Julie Steendam

Julie Steendam studeerde Moraalwetenschappen en Conflict and Development.
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