Today’s society relentlessly pushes us to live life in the fast lane. Reacting to this, photographer Guido Sterkendries has developed an alternative vision. Accustomed to working in extreme habitats, he has spent most of his life exploring and discovering the unknown and the people who live there. By focusing on threatened tribes and endangered life forms, he opens a window on a world that many thought had vanished.

The Amazon Indians, the few who remain, are staring extinction in the face. This book not only reflects the vision of a travelling photographer, but also holds out a beacon of hope. There is light in the midst of darkness. Viewing his work you feel that nothing is as miraculous as our planet. He shares an ambition with many naturalists; that of bringing endangered forms of life and sometimes whole regions into the limelight. In taking on this ecological mission, his aim is not to ridicule economic progress, but to expose the effects of leaving it to develop unchecked. What will the world look like when our children have grown up? People from different origins arouse his curiosity and always lead him to conclude that if we are prepared to enter someone else’s world, differences fade away. By building bridges, we can create a future, a world with less injustice and more understanding. But nothing is as miraculous as our planet. He expose his unique journeys and hopes that his life work will leave its mark and help bridge the gap between modern-day man and the natural world. His passion for capturing exotic, unique and authentic beauty is now ready to be shared with the rest of the world through this wonderful book.

Now 20 years of fieldwork merges into a wonderful book, a statement, a must have...

Guido Sterkendries

Guido Sterkendries (1964) is a eco- and wildlife photographer.
A working grant of € 16.000 allocated on 11/05/2011.
Fonds Pascal Decroos


  • Afscheid van het Amazonewoud (EOS, september 2011) - in Dutch