When you think of development aid, you think of poor countries. But the biggest receiver of EU development aid happens to be the 18th biggest economy of the world: Turkey. In 2013, Turkey received 2.4 billion Euros...

The EU likes to present itself as a big, important development aid donor, devoting itself to the cause of the world's poorest nations. However, a big part of the European support goes to Turkey. This investigation shows that development aid does not always mean that the money has actual developmental impact. Does the EU oversell its development statistics?

In a two-part story for MO* and De Correspondent, Sarah Haaij finds out what the money is used for.

Sarah Haaij

Sarah Haaij is a freelance journalist who specialises in sustainability, development aid, trade and conflict. She studied international relations. After graduating in 2009, she worked as a communication officer for the European Parliament and in the…
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