MOSUL - Many residents of Mosul, Iraq's second city, see the power that Shiite militias have seized in the city as a new occupation. If the terror group ISIS could still be chased away militarily, how they will ever get rid of militias that have put their corrupt tentacles into everything, they do not know.

Journalist Judit Neurink and photographer Eddy van Wessel spent a week in Mosul, talking to businessmen, politicians, priests and citizens about the infiltration by the militia at all levels of the city's economy, administration and security. And the corruption that this entails, which is holding back reconstruction and progress. About extortion, which is epidemic. It is a virus, an infection that you have to fight, says one. No, says another: only a miracle can change this.

Photo: ©Eddy van Wessel

Judit Neurink

Judit Neurink (1957) is a Dutch journalist and author.

Eddy van Wessel

Eddy van Wessel is a Dutch photojournalist.
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