BWINDI - The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park in Uganda has been chosen by the US National Health Institute (NHI) as a ‘hotspot’ for a potential new outbreak of a zoonotic disease like Monkeypox, Covid or Ebola.

Bwindi is an important international touristic destination, as it is the home of the endangered mountain gorillas, which is experiencing growing demographic pressure, and strong economic development in its surroundings.

This story portrays the work of Ugandan scientists in the frontline of zoonotic disease surveillance, in the context of weak and under-supported healthcare systems in Africa, and how this could jeopardise the goal of protecting the global population from the next pandemic.

Photo: ©Pablo Garrigós Cucarella

Dicta Asiimwe

Dicta Asiimwe is a Ugandan freelance journalist.

Pablo Garrigós Cucarella

Pablo Garrigós is a Belgian-Spanish journalist.
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