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#NoMeansNo in Bangladesh

  • Equal opportunities
  • Human Rights
  • Mobility

DHAKA - The women in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka are fed up with it: they want to be able to go out on the streets without men bothering them. And so they organise their own transport through the impossibly chaotic, congested traffic: a motor-taxi with a woman at the wheel. Or they buy themselves a motorbike. First alone, as an exception, which provokes opposition and sometimes outright attacks. Now more and more numerous, they close ranks, form motorcycle clubs and lead demonstrations against violence against women.

Dieselgate 2.0

  • Mobility
  • Ecology

An investigation by VRT journalist Luc Pauwels shows that since November official Opel dealers have been modifying polluting software in one of the Opel models..

Turbulent times

  • Mobility

BRUSSELS - From the smouldering ashes of Sabena to the first flight of Brussels Airlines, via the parcels of DHL and Chinese tourists in Brussels: this book tells the story of a world in change in the sky. On the basis of documents, figures, analyses and privileged witnesses, it also sketches a portrait of what Belgium will look like from the air.