Bárbara Bécares is a Spanish journalist and writer.

As a freelancer she lived for long periods of time in different countries, learning different languages and cultures. Since 2017 she has been making stories about migration in the Balkans and lived in Velika Kladuša, Bosnia and Herzegovina for 9 months, when the migration route moved to this country. Bárbara learns about the external borders of the European Union on a daily basis. The lives of people determined by these borders are her greatest concern.


Bárbara Bécares

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De Balkanroute anno 2020

  • Migratie

BRUSSEL - Dit verhaal vertelt hoe het Europese grens- en migratiebeleid het leven van mensen op de Balkanroute bemoeilijkt. Officieel is de route gesloten, maar uit dit onderzoek blijkt hoe het traject eigenlijk nog steeds actief is.