Emile Schra is a Dutch writer and teacher.

Emile Schra worked as a dramaturgist in Dutch theaters and on the Actor's program at the Utrecht School of the Arts. In addition, from 1998 to 2006 he led an international summer school for the performing arts. He wrote books about non-western theater traditions, about director Peter Brook and about singer-entertainer Herman van Veen. As a teacher of Storytelling, Creativity and World Drama, he is associated with the Hogeschool Utrecht and Emerson College (Boston / Well).

Emile Schra


Emile Schra

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Ivo van Hove: Theatre from the Low Countries to Broadway

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BELGIUM/NETHERLANDS - Ivo Van Hove has conquered the world. As the leader of the largest theater company in the Netherlands, Toneelgroep Amsterdam, he makes theater productions that are enthusiastically welcomed worldwide.