BELGIUM/NETHERLANDS - Ivo Van Hove has conquered the world. As the leader of the largest theater company in the Netherlands, Toneelgroep Amsterdam, he makes theater productions that are enthusiastically welcomed worldwide.

Whether it concerns work by Shakespeare or Bowie, Visconti or Arthur Miller, he is always looking for new challenges. In 2016, the American magazine Foreign Policy counted him among the hundred most influential thinkers in the world. He has won numerous important foreign theater prizes, including Obie Awards, Tony Awards, Olivier Awards and Molières. And he manages to involve a growing number of big names from the international film circuit in his productions, such as Jude Law, Ben Whishaw, Juliette Binoche, Michael C. Hall and Bryan Cranston.

Emile Schra makes an engaging portrait of Ivo Van Hove, said to be 'the Belgian who gives direction to America'.

Emile Schra

Emile Schra is a Dutch writer and teacher.
Emile Schra
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  • Language: Dutch
  • Date of publication: May 2018
  • Page's: 256
  • ISBN13: 9789463102162
  • Publisher: Uitgeverij Polis