Raf Custers (°1954) is a Belgian historian and journalist. 


Raf Custers
Mijnbouw, Congo, Multinationals

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Addicted to Colombian coal

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  • Ecology

Raf Custers went to the North of Colombia where he visited El Cerrejon, the site of the largest coal mine in Latin America.

The Race for Raw Materials

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  • International

Without fuel our cars will stop moving; it is something we all know and realise. Far less of our attention is aimed at raw materials. Unrightfully so, because without raw materials cars it would not even be possible to make cars. The average car contains about a mile of copper wire, copper that is mainly looked for in Africa.

Bolivia takes production of lithium into own hands

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Uyuni is a backward region in the South of Bolivia. Bult the salt lake of Uyuni is rich with lithium, the commodity for the production of batteries, soon also for batteries for electrical vehicles. For this raw material a game of chess is being played between some multinational companies, the people of Uyuni and Bolivia's government.