LATIN AMERICA - In the last few years money has been made with raw materials. Lots of money. Everyone was after it to win and sell them or to process them in industry. The result: prices skyrocketed. Those who traded in raw materials became rich while sleeping. That credo applied to companies, and governments too believed in it.

Raf Custers looks at five countries in southern Latin America: Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. They are traditionally suppliers of raw materials. They go along with the trend, they aim for growth. But at the same time they want to step out of the colonial scheme where everything is focused on export, and they look for other ways. There is no shortage of dilemmas and sound choices in that search.

Raf Custers

Raf Custers (°1954) is a Belgian historian and journalist.
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Title: De uitverkoop van Zuid-Amerika
Subtitle: Grondstoffen, burgers en big business
Author: Raf Custers
Publisher: EPO
ISBN: 9789462670686
Pages: 260
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