Toon Van den Brempt (° 1945) was an official of the Flemish Government, Department of Work and Social Economy until 2010.

"The development and combination of technical, social and artistic skills has always fascinated me and continues to inspire me. Also for example in relation to give testimony of the war past of our family and the processing of this past. The television series 'Children of the Collaboration ', the book 'The sorrow of Flanders' and the eponymous musical-literary performance illustrate this."

°01 07 1945

foto: © Martine De Flander


Toon Van den Brempt

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The sorrow of Flanders

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BELGIUM - Flanders and the Netherlands have a long tradition of silence about the disgraceful collaboration with the German occupiers during the Second World War. Twin brothers Hein and Toon Van den Brempt are determined to break that silence.