BELGIUM - Flanders and the Netherlands have a long tradition of silence about the disgraceful collaboration with the German occupiers during the Second World War. Twin brothers Hein and Toon Van den Brempt are determined to break that silence.

Their father was a SS member, their mother worked as a secretary for Richaerd Jungclaus, head of the Belgian SS. Their testimony was an impressive contribution to the successful television series "Children of the collaboration".

Realizing that there was much more to tell and to discover, the brothers engaged the Belgian author Kristien Hemmerechts. Together they went out and searched for the truth behind the taboos, the half truths, the lies and the myths. They delved into archives and went on a journey to emotionally charged places. This book takes the reader on their fascinating and surprising quest.

Kristien Hemmerechts

Kristien Hemmerechts (1955) is a Belgian writer, who wrote many novels, but also autobiographical essays. Kristien Hemmerechts published her debut in 1986 with the collection First Fictions, Introduction 9 which was written in English. Her first…

Toon Van den Brempt

Toon Van den Brempt (°1945) was an official of the Flemish Government, Department of Work and Social Economy until 2010.

Hein Van den Brempt

Hein Van den Brempt is a Belgian teacher of secondary education in Roermond (NL), Tienen, Aarschot, Keerbergen, Luxembourg (LU) and Ixelles. On retirement in 2007.
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The sorrow of Flanders (Het verdriet van Vlaanderen)
ISBN 9789044540895
Publisher: De Geus
Date of publication: 19/02/2019