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Tineke Van der Eecken

Tineke Van der Eecken is a Belgian-born Australian writer with a background in social sciences and a strong interest in art and culture.

Tom Cochez

Tom Cochez is a Belgian journalist.

Tom Meulenbergs

Tom Meulenbergs (°1976) is the spokesperson & communications advisor deputy PM and minister of Finance and Development bij Belgian Federal Government.

Tom Naegels

Tom Naegels (°1975) is a Belgian author and journalist.

Tom Van de Weghe

Tom Van de Weghe (°1975) is an award-winning journalist and documentary maker for VRT, the Flemish Broadcasting Corporation. (Belgium)

Toon Lambrechts

Toon Lambrechts works as a freelance journalist and writes for Knack en Mo* Magazine, among others.

Toon Van den Brempt

The development and combination of technical, social and artistic skills has always fascinated me and continues to inspire me. Also for example to give testimony of the war past of our family and the processing. The television series 'Children of…

Vanessa Offiong

Adie Vanessa Offiong is an award-winning journalist and an assistant editor at Daily Trust Newspaper, Abuja, Nigeria.

Veerle Devos

Veerle Devos (1972) studied History at the University of Ghent (Belgium) and has been operating in the field of journalism for many years

Wies Willems

Wies Wilems (°1985) is a freelance journalist who writes for MO* Magazine, amongst others. He studied Germanic languages and Conflict & Development (UGent), and took the investigative journalism course Internationale Researchjournalistiek …

Willem De Maeseneer

Willem De Maeseneer is a Belgian journalist.

Willem Staes

Willem Staes (° 1990) is Middle East policy officer for the Belgian NGO 11.11.11.

William Visterin

William is editor in chief of MARK Magazine and Jobat, publications about employer branding, HR, recruitment, marketing, management and career development.

Wim Van den Eynde

Wim Van den Eynde (1966) is a Civil Engineer Architect (K.U.L, Leuven) and studied Political and Social Sciences (K.U.L., Leuven). He has been making reports for the Belgian public broadcaster VRT/Canvas since 1996. Since 2005 he is a journalist for…

Wouter Elsen

Wouter Elsen is a freelance video reporter. He finished a professional bachelor course in journalism in Brussels before studying International Cooperation North-South.

Xavier Carbonez

Xavier Carbonez (°1978) has a 360° experience in financial media: journalist, managing editor, publisher & business development.

Yann Verbeke

Yann Verbeke is a documentary photographer and filmmaker based in Brussels.
Yaan Verbeke

Zaza Bertrand

Zaza Bertrand is a Belgian photographer based in Ghent, Belgium.

Zelfa Madhloum

Zelfa Madhloum is an Iraqi born in Belgium. She studied journalism and accompanied journalist Pieter Stockmans to Lebanon for his project “tussen vrijheid en geluk” to interview Syrian refugees. In 2013 she first visited her country of origin about…