The independent jury is composed by the fund on the basis of a list of names proposed by the members of the Board of Directors. The jury consists of four members, three of whom have a thorough journalistic experience and one with a different relevant background. The jury members are not on the payroll of a media company.

The evaluation of proposals for a working grant is done by the jury on the basis of objective criteria that are known to every member in advance. However, the names of the judges are never announced before the evaluation. Each proposal is quoted by 4 judges. The Fund has no influence on the evaluation and selection of proposals.

Each proposal is evaluated separately by 4 judges on the basis of the preconceived criteria. On the basis of the score that the proposal achieves and in function of the available budget, the jury member also proposes the amount that  should be awarded to the project.

The judges send their assessments to the Fund no later than five working days before the quarterly evaluation meeting. The Fund brings the various assessments together in one file, in function of the evaluation meeting. At this evaluation meeting, the members of the jury come to a consensus on the basis of the individual scorecards about the allocation of the work grants and the distribution of the available budget. A representative of the Fund acts as secretary. In case the votes of the 4 judges are equally divided, the chairman of the jury will come up with a compromise proposal that must be accepted by all judges.

Two of the four members of the jury rotate every two years; a jury member  can only be part of the jury for a maximum of four consecutive years.

Former jury members are: